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We understand that the passing of a loved one is an extremely difficult and overwhelming time.

We want to help take the stress of organising funeral flowers off your shoulders. We take the time to listen to your requirements and personalise your package by designing an arrangement to capture the personality of your loved one.

Here are some common questions we get asked all the time:

What flowers are appropriate for a funeral? 

This really depends on the person and the type of funeral you are holding. Some people like to keep things like flowers simple and elegant or some people like making it loud and colourful and a real celebration of life. 

We think all flowers are beautiful!

If in doubt, white flowers for sympathy or funeral flowers are very common. 

Which flower is most common at a funeral?

Lillies would probably be the most common flower used and seen at a funeral. They can be a symbol or just the classic look you are after. 

How much should you spend on flowers for a funeral? 

This question really does depend on your budget. Flowers a symbol of your love and care for the departed and the people who remain. There is no right or wrong amount of flowers in this situation.

We see most of our sympathy flowers cost about $100.

How much do funeral flowers cost? 

There is no one simple answer. We wish we could give you a flat fee, but it depends on how much room you have, whether you want casket spray or flowers for the chapel/church. The best way to get some idea is to speak with us and we can talk you through all your options. 

How to order sympathy flowers? 

We can help you over the phone or you can purchase flowers via our online shop - HERE

For more information, you can phone us on 5445 1403. We are very caring and will look after you. 


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