2024 Wedding Floral Arrangements: Trends and Tips for Your Big Day in Buderim

2024 Wedding Floral Arrangements: Trends and Tips for Your Big Day in Buderim

With the 2024 wedding season in full swing, couples in Buderim are looking to incorporate the latest trends in floral design to make their special day as memorable and stylish as possible. From the choice of blooms to the style of arrangements, the current trends in wedding floristry are all about personal expression and sustainability. This guide will explore the top floral trends for weddings in 2024 and offer practical tips to help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding in Buderim.

Top Floral Trends for 2024 Weddings

Sustainable and Locally-Sourced Flowers

One of the most significant trends this year is the use of sustainable and locally-sourced flowers. Couples are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are choosing florists who prioritize eco-friendly practices. This includes using flowers grown locally in Queensland, which not only reduces the carbon footprint but also supports local growers and ensures that the blooms are as fresh as possible.

Textured and Layered Arrangements

Textured arrangements that mix different types of flowers and foliage are big in 2024. These arrangements offer depth and intrigue, creating a more dynamic visual experience. Think soft peonies paired with spiky sea holly or the delicate fronds of ferns juxtaposed with robust proteas. These combinations not only look beautiful but also reflect the complexity and richness of nature itself.

Bold Colours and Monochromatic Themes

While pastel colours have always been a favourite for weddings, bold and monochromatic themes are making a statement this year. Bright, saturated colours like deep blues, vibrant oranges, and radiant yellows are being used to create striking arrangements that stand out. Alternatively, monochromatic arrangements in subtle shades provide a sophisticated and cohesive look that can be tailored to any wedding's colour scheme.

Hanging Florals and Greenery

Elevating the visual aspect of wedding venues, hanging floral arrangements and cascades of greenery are popular for adding an element of wonder and filling vertical spaces beautifully. These can be particularly effective in indoor venues or tents, where they draw the eye upward and create a lush, immersive environment.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Consider the Venue

The venue plays a crucial role in determining the type and scale of floral arrangements you might need. For outdoor weddings in Buderim, consider using more robust flowers that can withstand the warm climate, such as orchids or native Australian blooms. For indoor settings, delicate flowers like lilies or gardenias can add elegance and fragrance without wilting.

Think Seasonally

Choosing flowers that are in season not only ensures they are at their freshest and most affordable but also feels appropriate to the time of year. Spring weddings might feature tulips and hyacinths, while summer ceremonies could highlight sunflowers or dahlias.

Personalisation is Key

Personal touches can make your wedding flowers memorable. Incorporate flowers with personal significance, whether it's including blooms from your first date or choosing flowers that are native to your or your partner’s hometown.

Consult with a Professional

Don't hesitate to consult with a professional florist in Buderim. They can provide valuable insight into what flowers will be in season, what might work best with your venue, and the latest trends in wedding floristry.


  • What are the trending wedding flowers for 2024?
  • Sustainable and locally-sourced flowers, textured arrangements with mixed foliage, and bold or monochromatic colour schemes are trending.
  • How far in advance should I book my wedding florist?
  • It's advisable to book at least six to eight months in advance, especially if you’re getting married during peak wedding season.
  • What are some budget-friendly wedding flower tips?
  • Consider using more greenery, choose seasonal flowers, and use larger, statement pieces strategically to maximize impact while minimizing costs.
  • By incorporating these trends and tips into your wedding planning, you can ensure that your floral arrangements will not only be beautiful but also perfectly tailored to your special day in Buderim. Remember, flowers are more than just decorations; they are a symbol of the growth and blossoming of your new life together.


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