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Want to send flowers on the Sunshine Coast?

Many people consider fresh flowers as a lovely present during most, if not all kinds of occasions. Flowers can convey different meanings and are the perfect substitute for words. Whether it is love, happiness, apology, appreciation, or funerals or sympathy. Send someone some love by sending flowers.

What Flowers Should I send?

Here is some advice on what flower should you get from Buderim Floral Art for specific occasions.

Birthday Flowers

Flowers can be a token of love and good wishes, so it is a good birthday gift. Moreover, fresh flowers can symbolise another year of life.

Our highly recommended birthday flower is our Seasonal Spring Bouquet. Its bright orange and pink flowers and complementary foliage will surely brighten someone’s birthday.

Congratulatory Flowers and Graduation Flowers

Congratulatory flowers, such as graduation flowers, can be sent to someone to make them know that you are proud of what they have accomplished. Flowers are timeless and vibrant, which is why sending them as congratulations is a warm gesture.  For congratulatory flowers and graduation flowers, we highly suggest The Bold and The Burgundy. The vibrant and bold-coloured flowers in this vase if perfect for celebrating any beautiful achievements.

What are the Best Get Well Soon Flowers?

Flowers can also lighten up the mood of our sick loved ones and friends.  You can also send Get Well Soon Flowers to someone sick to uplift their spirit and encourage them to a speedy recovery. We offer flower delivery services to Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Our Wilderness flower vase is our most recommended.

Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers Wondering what type of flowers you should send when someone passes away? Sympathy and funeral flowers are a lovely way to send love and to tribute someone who has passed away. We will always help you make a lovely choice.

If in any doubt, we always recommend a beautiful white arrangement. Cloudland is very popular for this type of occasion.




Flowers can show your sympathy, love, care, and respect for someone who has lost their loved one.

Our Funeral Wreath is made with love and care, making it perfect for sending condolences and sympathy.

 Anniversary Flowers

 Celebrate a year full of love with fresh flowers. Anniversary flowers can tell a story and can even symbolise a milestone in your relationship.  For example, carnations are usually given during the first marriage anniversary because they represent youth and love. On the other hand, daffodils are given during a decade of love because it is bright and cheery and can represent the years that you’ve spent together.

Try our Florist’s Choice Bouquet as anniversary flowers. It can be customised based on your flower preferences.




What Are The Best Valentines Day Flowers 2022?


Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love and flowers has always been a symbol of love. Flowers mean a lot of things- humility, gratitude, appreciation, and many more! Thus, you can send it to anyone you love- may it be platonic or romantic.




Our Extravagant Romance Vase, filled with blooms in pink, white, mocha, burgundy and sage in a glass gift vase, will surely express your love this coming Valentines day.




Wedding Flowers


Why are flowers important for a wedding? Well, a wedding wouldn’t be complete without flowers- from bouquets to boutonnieres to artistic floral centrepieces and flower petals sprinkled along the aisle.

 For wedding flowers, you may request for our made-to-order flowers and bouquets.

New Baby Flowers

New mums deserve flowers, balloons and all the celebration and happiness! Celebrating the arrival of a new baby into the family is very exciting.  Our Cloudland floral arrangement, which is a soft, cloudy and predominately white arrangement with a gorgeous ceramic, white cylinder pot, is one of our most-recommended New Baby flowers.




Best Flowers for Mothers' Day Flowers


Celebrate your mother by giving her Mothers’ Day Flowers.




A flower has always been synonymous with motherhood. The blooming of flowers can mean fertility and life, making flowers the perfect gift to show your mum how thankful you are for giving life to you.




Our Whimsy trio flower vase will surely show how much you love your mum.




Flower Delivery for Every Occasion Sunshine Coast


Need a flower for every occasion? Worry no more, because Buderim Floral Art offers flower delivery whenever you need it!




We offer same day flower delivery all over Sunshine Coast. So, you can give fresh flowers anytime you want for every occasion that needs one! Just make sure to check our cut off time for same day flower delivery.

Get Your Fresh Flowers for Any Occasion from Buderim Floral Art


At Buderim Floral Art, our florists assemble each bouquet and vase with utmost dedication, love, and care. So, if you want fresh flowers for your special ones during special occasions, order from us!




Call us at 07 5445 1403 or send us an email at shop@buderimfloralart.com.au.

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